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E: james@lucky7recruitment.com

"I am an ex-industry Account and Project Director across integrated channels for Global Toolkits including ATL and Retail campaigns. My experience has covered a broad remit of creative and design development across channels with extensive experience in 3D Modelling, Photoshop Retouching, TV and Motion Graphics.

Campaign highlights from my career in the industry include:
The iPhone 3GS launch | The Nokia Lumia launch | A £2 million retail campaign for Samsung across the JLP and PC World retail estates | Co branding and partnership ATL campaigns with VodaFone and O2.

In 2013, took a step into the world of recruitment to help agencies find and develop their strongest asset, their people. I have always had a passion for developing my own skills and encouraging others to realise their potential.”

James Backhurst

Owner & Founder of Lucky7 Recruitment